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About the FX
The Toyota Corolla FX GT (AE92) is a fully imported Japanese model. It differs from the Australian AE92 Corollas because it's a 2 door body.
Toyota only released the AE92 in Australia in 5 door models: The hatch-back, and (the larger) SECA shapes, in 1989 to 1992. During that time, the only AE92's with the 4A-GE engine, were the 5 door SX (1989-1991) and GTi model in 1992.
I purchased this car in April 2000. It had been running competively in WA for a number of years.

The 4A-GE engines feature:
  • 1.6 Litre (1587cc)
  • Double Over Head Camshafts (DOHC/Twin-Cam)
  • 16 Valves
  • EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection)
  • Early version (86KW): TVIS (Toyota Variable Induction System)

This car was privately imported from Japan, and licenced here under the Race/Rally (Class 'B') rego, which means it can only be used to rally or race, and only driven on the road to and from rallies, workshops, promotional events, and practice.

This FX-GT originally came with the older 86KW motor, with T-VIS. In October 2001, the RallyFX team completed a conversion to the later model Japanese spec FX-GT 100KW motor, that I aquired from Japan through the guys at
Just Toyota Wrecking.
For a standard engine it's awesome, with the factory headers, custom RaceFlo secondaries and 2.25 inch mandrel-bent exhaust, when driving and changing gears at the redline (7800RPM) this car spits flames out the exhaust!

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1990 Toyota Corolla FX-GT

Engine Hardware
4A-GE 1587cc (late AE92) Japanese Spec 100KW DOHC EFI 16-valve four cylinder

Engine Accessories
Standard internals
RaceFlo 2.25 inch Mandrel bent competition exhaust with Ultraflo competition muffler
K&N Filter
Cool Air Induction
NGK Triple-Platinum Spark plugs

Driveline Hardware
AE101 Levin 5 speed gearbox 4A-GZE
Cusco Plated LSD
4A-GZE Equal-length driveshafts
Custom larger driveshaft ends
Heavy duty clutch
Custom quick-shift selector

Brakes and Suspension
DBA Slotted front rotors & factory solid rear rotors
Ferodo Racing metallic brake pads
King progressive rate springs
Koni suspension
Wilkinson Suspension competition front strut brace

Roof vent
Large alloy Sump guard
Poly-urethene Underbody protection
Clear-Black Poly-urethene mud flaps
Japanese spec FX-GT side skirts
Japanese spec FX-GT rear spoiler
Removed rear wiper

Rolling Stock
Compomotive, Falken & Auscar 14x6 inch mag wheels
Silverstone Rallye ST505 tyres

Full Steel roll cage (seam welded)
Velo GP90 racing seats, alloy mounts
Willans 6 point, 3 inch Harnesses
Sparco Rally suede steering wheel
FXGT (Japanese spec) Digital Dashboard
Revlimit MS Aluminum checkerplate false floors
Drilled aluminum navigator foot-rest
Custom Aluminum centre console
Terratrip Rally navigator computer
Maximum Motorsports alloy Terratrip mount
Terratrip Navigator map light
Terratrip Terraphone intercom system
Stripped out interior
Electrical "Kill" switch
2 Fire Extinguishers

2003 Lewana Stages Rally - 1st Class P2
2003 WACC Go Kart Racing Night - 1st Outright
2002 WA Class N1 Rally Champions
2002 Stirling Stages Rally - 1st Class N1
2002 Sotico Safari Rally - 2nd Class N1
2002 Lewana Stages Rally - 1st Class N1
2002 Forest Rally (ARC) - 1st Class N1 WARC
2001/2002 WA Car Club Championship - 2nd Grade 1
2002 WACC Go Kart Racing Night - 1st Outright
2001 Hella "Bright Young Achiever Encouragement Award"
2001 WA Rally Championship - 3rd Class N2
2001 Lewana Stages Rally - 3rd Class N2
2001 Lewana Stages/Big A Rally, 13th Outright Clubman
2000/2001 WA Car Club Championship - 2nd Grade 1
2001 Forest Rally (ARC Round) - 2nd Class N2 WARC
2000 "Darling 200" Clubman Rally - 5th Novice Class
2000 Stirling Stages Rally - 2nd Class N2
1999/2000 WA Car Club Championship - 1st Grade 2
1998/1999 WA Car Club Championship - 1st Grade 3

Australian RallySport News - October 2002
Perth Auto Trader - July 2002 (Motorsport Section)
Perth Auto Trader - June 2002 (Motorsport Section) & Photo!
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Australian RallySport News - August 2001

Rally Events attended
2003 Lewana Stages Rally
2002 Stirling Stages Rally
2002 Sotico Safari Rally
2002 Lewana Stages Rally
2002 "Respect Yourself" Forest Rally
2001 Lewana Stages Rally
2001 Stirling Stages Rally
2001 Experts Cup Rally
2001 Sotico Safari Rally
2001 "Respect Yourself" Forest Rally
2000 "Big A" Clubman Rally
2000 "Darling 200" Clubman Rally
2000 Stirling Stages Rally

Special Thanks to:
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Fineline Print & Copy Service Fineline.com.au
Bob Jane T Marts Claremont - www.bobjane.com.au
Tony Flood Motorsport - (08)9472 1800
Wilkinson Suspension Centre
Just Toyota Wrecking
Revlimit Motorsport - www.revlimitms.com.au
Blackwood Cafe Nannup
RaceFlo Exhaust Technology - (08)9331 4032
Mal and Barry from Crockenberg Motors - (08)9358 0302
Sonic Signs (Mike) - 041 99899 02
Nigel Anderson for all your help and assistance (and the great gear selector)


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