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Celica GT-Four
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ST165 GT-Four Specifications

1989 Toyota Celica GT-Four ST165

Engine Hardware
3S-GTE 1998cc DOHC EFI 16-valve turbocharged intercooled four cylinder Click to enlarge (Straight off the boat)

Engine Accessories
2.5 inch exhaust system with X-Force muffler
UNI Filter
Gizzmo IBC Electronic Boost Controller
Cold Air Induction
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Brakes and Suspension
ST185 RC GT-Four brake upgrade
Koni Adjustable Coilovers
King springs
Whiteline rear sway bar
Noltec camber kit
Whiteline rear strut brace (New)
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MOMO leather steering wheel
Factory leather seats
TRD leather gearknob
Custom JimJam Quick-shift gear selector
Glovebox lid signed by Carlos Sainz and Luis Moya
Boost gauge
Turbo Timer
Click to enlarge - photo from JapanClick to enlarge - boost

Keeping it on the road
15x7 inch OZ Racing wheels.
(Spare) AMG 15x7 inch wheels
Yokohama S-Drive tyres
Click to enlarge - AMG WheelsClick to enlarge - OZ Wheels

Planned Modifications
No plans at the moment

Here are some more photos in Beverley:
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More Photos
More photos from Nannup Click to enlargeClick to enlargeClick to enlargeClick to enlarge
Here are some older photos from when I first acquired the GT-Four: Click to enlargeClick to enlargeClick to enlargeClick to enlarge


Modifying/Improving my GT4
I purchased this 165 from Japan in September 2004. It arrived in Australia in October, and then it was licenced in November.
Shortly after the modifying began.
The TRD suspension with Apexi springs was completely worn out, so I replaced it with a custom made Koni strut and King spring system with adjustable coilovers. It had to be custom made, because at the time it was not possible to source coilovers. Thank you to Wilkinson Suspension. I also added a Whiteline rear sway bar, adjustable Noltec front strut tops, and a complete bushing kit.

The 165 came with a Kakimoto exhaust from Japan. It was pretty old, and wasn't very good, so out it went, and in went a new 2.5 inch system with a "cannon" style XForce muffler. I kept the pipework up as high as possible, so to not cause ground-clearance issues. I also decided not to go with a 3 inch system, as it's a bit of an overkill for a road car. Plus in my opinion it would be slightly more responsive with a 2.5 inch system.

The O.Z. Racing wheels also came with the car, but were a bit scruffy, so I had them repaired and painted. Thanks to Neil at Wanneroo Smash for the paint job. Thanks also to Mike at Sonic for replicating the original O.Z. stickers. Whilst this was being done, the 165 ran on the silver AMG wheels that you may have spotted in some photos.

Understeer was a problem, so I've tried to tighten up the rear by adding a whiteline rear strut brace. This has improved the handling, but it's still not perfect. But it's a road car, so it will do for now.

The ST185 brake upgrade wasn't really planned. The brake rotors needed to be replaced as part of regular maintenance, but finding 165 rotors was a problem. Tony once again came to the rescue with a set of ST185RC calipers and rotors. This now means that I cannot run factory 14 inch rims, but that's fine, they fit under the 15 inch O.Z's no problems!

More modifying info to come ...

GT4 Data

This Celica GT4 (ST165) is a fully imported Japanese model. The main difference from the Australian Celicas is that it's a 4 wheel drive turbo. In Australia Toyota only released the ST165 in limited numbers, but mostly only sold the ST162 in 2WD non-turbo models (with the 3S-GE engine): The lift-back SX, and the hatchback ST shape, in 1986 to 1989.
The only Celicas with the 3S-GTE engine, were the ST165 (in 1986-1989), the ST185 (1989-1993) and ST205 (in 1994 to 1999).

3SGT... what does this mean?
Toyota code their engines as follows:
3S = engine family, 2 litre in-line 4 cylinder.
G = twin-cam 16 valve head.
T = Turbo charged
E = EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection).

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