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RC Car Racing
Matt will be contesting selected rounds of the WCMRC Club RC (Radio Control) on-road racing championship. Matt will be stepping up to "Mod" (modified) class which is the premier (top) category for 4WD touring cars.

RC Car Racing
Matt is contesting selected rounds of the WCMRC Club RC on-road racing championship. Matt has stepped up to the "Stock" class, which is a very competitive class, with a faster motor than Sportman.
Things went well throughout the year, Matt TQ'd (Top Qualified) and won a few rounds. But only contested 5 out of the 13 rounds for the year, so ended up 5th in points.
Matt also contested the Tamiya class in the WA State Titles. Having not run this class since Melbourne last year, it was only really just for fun.
Qualified 4th, not bad. In the finals, clipped a kerb in the first final, rolled and broke a CV joint, (DNF). But had a decent run in the second and third finals to end up 2nd overall.

Mini Nats
Matt contested the Mini Nats at Templestowe in Melbourne. A national event which invites all RC (Radio Control) Mini racers from around the country.
The event was spread over the last weekend in April, with Qualifying rounds on Saturday, and the finals run on Sunday.
2 Classes were run: Tamiya Mini; which has a strict set of rules to keep the cars performance as close as possible. And Open Mini; Anything goes, as long as it's within the dimensions of a Mini. There's also a 4 wheel drive Mini class, which normally runs on its own, but it was combined with Open Mini for this event.
Matt had brought over 2 Mini's for the event, (the second was just a spare), but decided last minute to put a "speed gear set" into the spare car, and run it in Open Mini.
Qualifying was interesting, as the heavens opened. Running in the rain was something that Matt had never experienced! (In WA we stop when the rain starts!)
But after getting advice from friends who've raced in the rain before, Matt qualified 5th in Tamiya Mini, and 3rd in Open Mini.
For the finals, the rain continued in the morning, but then the sun came out and dried out the track through the afternoon.
Unfortunately Matt's cars developed issues from water getting into the electrics. He was placed as high as 4th in Tamiya, before the car developed receiver issues, and was 3rd in Open, but had ESC issues.
Matt eventually finished 6th in Tamiya Mini, (the highest placed WA driver) and 5th in Open Mini.
It was a huge learning curve racing in the rain. We will definitely be back to do it again. It was a fantastic event.

WA Championships
Matt contested the Sportsman Touring Car class in the 2015 On-Road Electric RC WA State Titles, hosted at WCMRC.
Using a borrowed chassis at the last minute, Matt tied on points for TQ (Top Qualifier) with 2 other drivers. But Matt won TQ on count-back with a faster race time.
For the Finals, 3 race rounds are run, and it's best 2 out of 3 races. Matt managed to win the first 2 finals to become WA State Champion in Sportsman (21.5) Touring Car. Matt now has a state title in both real cars, and toy ones!

RC Racing
RallyFX has basically transitioned into radio controlled model car racing. Due to Matt's ongoing injuries from "the big one", he has found a calling, and will be focussing on this for a few years. The plan is to slowly build the new AE86 over the next few years.
Matt won 2 wheel drive Short Course Truck again in the WCMRC championship, and placed 2nd in the 4 wheel drive class.

New Project
The new tarmac/gravel spec rally car will be a 1983 Toyota AE86 Levin.
RC Racing
Matt won 2 wheel drive Short Course Truck in the WCMRC championship, and placed 5th in the 4 wheel drive class, having missed half of the rounds.

Happy New Year

RallyFX wishes everyone a fun filled 2010. The plan is to do a select number of events this year. Busselton and Meelup, with perhaps a visit or 2 to Jacks Hill. Matt also will be competing with Nigel at the Summer Autocross Series. Should be a fun year.
We would do more events but are in need of some sponsorship. Please contact Matt if you want to help.

16 Dec 2009
Summer Fun

Matt was back in a Corolla (well a rebadged Corolla, it's actually a Holden Nova) at the first round of the 2009-10 Summer Autocross Series. The 4 event series is run at the Perth Motorplex on the Speedway track.
Matt and Nigel debuted our new budget (or can I say "Bunky") Nova, put together from parts we had in our workshop.
It was a lot of fun to drive, and a surprise debut result; with Matt placing 2nd overall in 2-Wheel-Drive, and Nigel 4th. We even knocked off some turbo 4WD cars!

30 Nov 2009
K-Tec Twilight Rally Sprint

Photos RallyFX had 2 milestones this year. Firstly we entered a rally for the first time in our WRX. And the other was the first event back together for Matt and Jeremy since the accident which landed them both in hospital.
The intention of this event (to us) was to finish without a scratch. We succeeded on both counts. The rally sprint was run on tarmac at the Perth Motorplex, using the same course as the Targa West Prologue, but run in the opposite direction. We were able to write pacenotes, and about 60 cars ran at 30-second intervals. Each competitor was allowed to complete 4 timed runs, with the best 3 runs added to a total time.
The rally was very enjoyable. It had a great mix of fast and technical sections. It was challenging threading the Subi through the tight sections with little margin for error, and unforgiving concrete barriers. Our rally went better than expected, as not only did we finish with absolutely no problems, we ranked 9th in the 4WD class and 11th outright.
We really enjoyed this event, had lots of fun, and if it's run again in the future, will consider doing it again.

"I would like to thank the officials and organisers of the event, Gavin and his team, and especially Jeremy for a fantastic job, you're a brave man mate!" - Matt.

RallyFX taking a year off

Unfortunately RallyFX will not be seen this year, for various reasons we are having a break from competition. We will be back in 2009 with a stronger racing package.

31 Dec 2007
WA Speed Event Series Final Result

Even though we did not compete at all of the rounds of the 2007 WA Speed Event Series, we are very pleased that we still managed 4th in class, and 8th outright for the championship! Many thanks to all who helped us throughout the year.
Our best results were at the Jack's Hill hill climbs, with top 3 finishes. And at (a very wet) Albany Wind Farm Hillclimb, our theory is with Matt's rallying background, and less fear that the others(?), helped on the slippery course in Albany. We are looking forward to the next season.

25 Nov 2007
Rally Accident

Our Darling 200 Rally ended on SS2 after a massive accident. After colliding with a rock, then hitting a tree at high speed. Both Driver Matt and Co-Driver Jeremy walked away, but were hospitalised with minor injuries, with Matt off the road for 2 months. The FX wasn't so lucky...
Both Matt and Jeremy both would like to say a big thank you to all the people who were at the scene. If it wasn't for the strength of today's cars, the safety equipment, and the fantastic emergency crews, things may have been a lot different.

The sceneFX

2 Sept 2007
AHG Sprint Championships Win

RallyFX netted a surprise result at the August round of the Sprint Championships at the AHG Driving Center. Matt has been working there for about a month, but has never driven in his own car there before.
Because the event was held in the middle of winter, it was raining on and off all day. Perfect rally weather!
The WRX had just been fitted with a Motec M4 Pro, so we were just there to test the car and see how it's going. Things went so well in fact, that we ended up winning the Open 4WD class, and a top ten Outright placing. We really enjoyed the day, so we will be going back to do more sprints in the future.

11 Feb 2006
Website News - New Video!

See the Multimedia section for a short (but high res) video clip, from Matt's first try at the new Jack's Hill course, in the Tenagah Evo 1. Click Here for more.
Plus also there's new online video from the 2005 Sotico Safari Rally, and Stirling Stages Rally. More...

Jack's HillSafari Rally Clip

2 Dec 2005
Darling 200 Rally Report

The last rally of 2005, was the Darling 200 Rally held in Jarrahdale. This event has features that appeal to us. 1: it's one of the closest rallies to Perth, so usually attracts more spectators, and 2: It's a good fun rally on good roads.
The WA Rally Championship has been run and won, this rally is the finale of the WA Clubman Cup Championship. Although we don't contest the Clubman Championship, we still like to compete, and get as much practice as possible.
We had a great time, we didn't have a single problem, and we managed to finish the rally 9th Outright. A good way to finish the rally season.

25 May 2005
Quit Forest Rally Report

Round 1 of the WA Rally Championship was also Round 1 of the Globalstar Australian Rally Championship.
The event kicked off with the ever popular Friday night Busselton Toyota Super Special Stage, held on the Busselton foreshore. Large crowds lined the 2.1 km tarmac course, which is the only all tarmac stage in the WA rally championship. We set one of the fastest 2 wheel drive times of the night, albeit with some spectacular "offs" which involved a hay bail, and clipping a water barrier! Our main focus though was more towards the forest stages the next day.

Saturday was an interesting day, the weather was cool, with a few showers. The first stage, Brockman I, about 2 km in, we unfortunately found a large rock on the apex of a medium left hand bend, puncturing the left rear tyre. We continued, but after 15 kms, we were forced to stop and change the tyre, losing around 4 minutes in the process. After Service, we pushed hard in the Ellis stage to try and get back some lost time, and set a blistering time on the slippery stage. The stage was littered with wrecks, as a lot of the front running cars fell off the road due to the muddy conditions.
Healthway I was next, we were set for a very quick time, but we found that half way through the stage the left rear corner was flat. We don't recall driving over anything substantial, so we finished the stage, but lost more time changing the tyre during the liason.

Finishing the 1st leg were 2 runs through the Nannup Oval Stage. And then it was back to Busselton for the start of Heat 2, and 2 more runs on the tarmac.
We set the fastest PRC-2 time, and the 2nd fastest 2 wheel drive on the 2 runs, and we were 13th outright after the tarmac stages.

Sunday was another mixed day. The pace was hot on the Ferndale and Kinky stages, and we were right on the pace. Healthway was run twice again, and this time we received 3 flats on the 2 runs through, we were forced to stop and changed the front, and dragged the rear out of the stage.
Back to the last 2 stages, Kinky II and Ferndale II, we had an "off" 2 kms from the end of the Ferndale II, and were stuck for some time. But we managed to get the car back on the road again, and finished the rally.
We were pleased to finish, and we still placed 2nd in class. This was a good acheivement, considering a lot of cars did not finish.

4 April 2005
Lewana Stages Rally Postponed & Hillclimb WinMatt in a Lancer Evo 1 @ Wungong Dam

The Lewana Stages Rally, scheduled to run on the weekend, was postponed due to heavy rain and logging trucks turning the gravel roads to slush. The rally will hopefully be run later this year, if a suitable date is found.

The Wungong Dam Hillclimb, run the on the same day, is round 2 of the 2005 WA Speed Event Series. The course is a 1.2 km tarmac sprint up the hill. Matt entered in a Tenagah sponsored Lancer Evolution 1, owned by Hisham Ahrone. Matt won the event outright. We were very surprised with this result! For photos, click here.

19 July 2004
Rally FX Experts Cup Rally Report

Experts Cup RallyThe Experts Cup Rally was based in the town of Collie, 2.5 hours south of Perth. This is only our 2nd attempt at this rally, the last time being 2001 in our previous car. The 8 Special Stages are a mix of fast and twisty gravel roads.

The first half of the rally went well, we set some competitive times, and confidence was gradually increasing. SS4 was cancelled due to a crash that blocked the stage, so the crews went to service, then regrouped in Collie.
During the regroup we were happy with how things were going. The second half of the rally was a different story however. Halfway through SS6, a fast right-hand bend caught us out and we went off, damaging the oil cooler. We limped the car to service, where the crew did a fantastic job in keeping us going, booking out of service with 20 seconds to spare!
With 2 stages to go, the car was not 100%, but we completed the last 2 stages, and managed to finish the rally, albeit at a much slower speed, because of oil pressure problems.

4 April 2004
Rally FX Forest Rally Report

Busselton Toyota Super Stage For us at RallyFX, we can summarise the 2004 Respect Yourself Forest Rally by the following quotes;

" ... I've never seen that happen to a Corolla before ... " a Toyota Team Racing (TTR) mechanic.

" ... at least it will only take 20 minutes to fix once we get a new one ... " Matthew Green (team driver).

After an uneventful few days preparing notes of the rally route, our season campaign opened with something less than a bang. (Actually, it felt more like a flat tyre.)

The Friday night Busselton Toyota Super Special stage held on the Busselton foreshore, launched the event. Large crowds gathered to view the 2.1 km tarmac course, which is the only all tarmac stage in the WA rallying calendar. While we secured one of the "most crowd pleasing and spectacular runs", our aim was more towards opening out a class lead into the forest stages the next day.

But, luck was definitely not on our side. Only 2 km into the second stage of the day, a rear stub axle sheered off the hub and we were left stranded and more importantly, left without any opportunity to source a replacement part that no-one had ever seen break before, and therefore not carried by us as a spare !

Frantic efforts throughout Saturday night failed to materialise the necessary hub, and so we were reduced to unwilling spectators for the second days competition on Sunday.

Everything was not lost though. We were not part of the carnage that took place over the weekend and there is no massive rebuild needed. Plus, we now have confirmation this new car is very competitive in our class and we go into the next event with high expectations.

21 November 2003
Darling 200 Test
We are very happy with the new car, after completing the last rally of the season, the Darling 200. We now have lots of data, and we have a lot of development planned for the off season. We look forward to 2004.

7 August 2003
Rally FX happy with car's "last blast" in the TRA Trial Event Rally

A very wet SS1...! RallyFX's Corolla FX-GT has been a fantastic car, and has given us such a reliable run in the 3 years we've campaigned it, and the TRA Trial Event Rally was the last for us in this car.

The TRA Trial is not a round of the WA Rally Championship, but because we've just purchased a new car, we've decided to give our white FX one last run.
The opening stage was a very wet affair, with huge "river-like" puddles that can catch you out if you're not careful, we threaded ourselves carefully through the stage, and unlike some other crews, we did not spin and drown our car in the muddy conditions.

The next few stages were very fast with some long straights and narrow sections, we were still "warming up" and we found that the stages were too short to find a rhythm. We were looking forward to the runs around Langford Park.

After the first service, were 2 short blasts around Langford Park, designed to test the officials in booking cars in at one minute intervals. We chucked our car spectacularly through the first run through, but on the last corner we were caught out and almost found ourselves in a ditch, having to grab reverse gear.
The second run through the stage was better, and we were around 8 seconds faster, thanks to no overshoots this time!

Team Rally FX had no problems, servicing was a relaxed affair, and we set some excellent times in the last few stages, after finally getting used to the short stages, and finished the event in 15th place.

We plan to debut our new car at the next WARC round, the Sotico Safari, but there's lots of work to do.

14 July 2003
Website update

There are 4 new photos, all of Lewana Stages, from 2001 to 2003, many thanks to Robyn Feaver.
Click here to see them...

5 May 2003
Rally FX win class P2 at Lewana Stages Rally

Waiting to go...! After the success of last season, a change of class brings Team Rally FX into a field of more highly modified cars and, running our car in "standard trim" (ie: the main modifications made so far are for crew comfort rather than performance) we find ourselves very much the 'under dog'.

The opening stage showed that more than one competitor in the field were "a little rusty" as tyre tracks and stage times varied wildly. After our own wild ride over the that stage, we were delighted to find that 2nd fastest in class was a good omen, as things could only get better from that point onwards. Unfortunately, that was not born out by the next stage time and we were facing a big deficit and having play 'catch up' for the rest of the event.

The next 3 stages were lighting fast with many long straights and ultra fast, flowing roads. With some rejuvenated determination, we went quicker through the stages, and came to the mid point service leading P2, having all but destroyed our tyres in the process!

As the road conditions deteriorated over the next 4 stages, driving at speed required even higher levels of concentration again. With the added problem of thick dust, the closing night stages proved to be crucial to the overall competition.

Team Rally FX were chasing Turbo 4wd cars and struggled through their dust to finish this tough event and net first in PRC-2 and 4th in F2 (2wd cars).

12 December 2002
Website update

There are some new photos loaded, many thanks to Danny Forster.

14 September 2002
WA Rally Group N1 Champions!

Matt Green and Brian D'Arcy, won the 2002 WA State Rally Championship Class N1 at the final round of the WA Championship, the Stirling Stages Rally run by the WA Car Club.
The 2002 Stirling Stages Rally was held in the Harvey area, using some of the roads seen at Rally Australia. Awesome country, with fast, cresty roads, with twisty sections enough to keep all competitors on their toes...!

Matt and Brian at the finish of the 2002 Forest Rally
We at RallyFX had it up against us in the lead up to the event, having to repair the car after a heavy rollover that happened 8 weeks ago. We got the car back from the roll cage builder (many thanks to Guru Welding for building the cage!) 1 Week before the rally. The FX was put back together by Matt and David Green in 3 days. Not a bad effort for a small operation!
We started the event, with the mindset to take it steady, only having to finish to wrap up the Group N1 championship. Our closest opposition had to win, and us not finish, for them to grab the title.
It became more difficult during the rally, as I caught the flu on the Thursday before. But we managed to get though the tricky conditions, and win Class N1, finishing 6th in the F2 category, 10th outright Clubman, and 20th Outright State.
The 2002 season for us was a great success, with 3 Class N1 wins and 2 seconds, from 5 starts.
Thankyou to all who helped and supported me during the year.

-Matt Green

12 May 2002
Back to back Class N1 wins for RallyFX at 2002 Lewana Rally

Matt Green and Brian D'Arcy, won Class N1, finished 2nd in the F2 category, and finished 11th outright.
After 2 rounds of the 2002 WA Championship, we hold a sizable lead in the N1 Championship.

This rally was one of high attrition, with the fast, sweeping, and undulating roads, taking it's toll as there were many cars that didn't make the finish. It became difficult in the mid section of the rally, when we were slowed by crews in front of us who went off, and some were partially blocking the road. Matt/Brian managed to get though the tricky conditions, and win N1 by over 16 minutes from Nigel Brown/Roger Budz, in their Daihatsu Charade.
The next WARC rally is the Sotico Safari Rally on the 1st/2nd June.

8 April 2002
RallyFX win Class N1 at the Respect Yourself Forest Rally

RallyFX team driver Matt Green, co-driven by Brian D'Arcy, held on to win Class N1 at the Respect Yourself Forest Rally, from Scott Clarke/Justin Doney, in their Hyundai Accent/Excel.
The "Respect Yourself" Forest Rally is Round 2 of the Australian Rally Championship (ARC), and Round 1 of the WA Rally Championship (WARC), held in Busselton and Nannup, south of Perth.
The Rally started on Matt's 23rd birthday on the streets of Busselton in an exciting bitumen super special stage. This stage was exciting for the fans, as the action was close, and the track was narrow and fast. RallyFX had a fantastic start to the event, setting blistering times, matching some of the turbo 4WD cars. They were also the only car to catch and pass the car in front. "We were able to maintain good speed in the tight corners, using the nimble handling of our Corolla FX to our advantage." commented Matt, "This is an awesome stage, I really enjoy driving on bitumen."

Enlargement available in Photos page
The real forest stages started on Saturday. The Corolla FX is not as powerful as the most of the class N1 competition, but Matt & Brian managed to finish the rough and rocky heat 1 in second place. Overnight rain changed the nature of the roads on Sunday, and Matt and Brian took advantage of the faster conditions and were 21 seconds in front, and with 3 stages to go, Scott/Doney experienced gearbox problems, allowing Matt/Brian to ease off slightly, preserve the car, and win heat 2 by over 7 minutes from Nigel Brown/Roger Budz, in their Daihatsu Charade, with Clarke/Doney 3rd.
Round 2 of the WARC is the Lewana Stages Rally in May.

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