Toyota Corolla Twin Cam
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About Matt's 1986 Corolla 4A-GE

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The Corolla Twin Cam's are great little cars. In my opinion the best "bang for your buck".

I bought this car in February 2000. It came stock standard, with 14 inch alloy wheels, and a nice blue velour interior.
It wasn't long before the modifying began.
When I bought the car, the gearbox needed replacing, as it was noisy and crunching in 1st and 2nd gears (worn synchromesh). Instead of rebuilding the standard gearbox, (which is very good and strong), I found an AE101 4A-GZE gearbox through Tony Flood. This gearbox is designed for the (Japanese) super-charged 4A-GZE engine, so it has different gear ratios, and more importantly a viscous coupling Limited Slip Differential (LSD), along with equal length drive shafts. This is a wild gearbox, with a very nice shorter shift, and the diff improves traction on corners. During club events, was also good on takeoff, leaving two marks instead of one!
I've heard lots of stories about how much improvement the Twin-cams get with extractors.
I chose Genie extractors, a 2.25 inch exhaust, with a straight-through muffler. Although I haven't run it on a Dyno, it feels like its gained 15+ KW. The car ran a 16.7 second quarter mile with this setup, (road tyres, full tank of fuel, heavy parcel shelf/speakers, and a toolbox!!)
The stopping power on this car is awesome for a factory system. Not many (smaller) cars these days feature 4 wheel disc brakes. Its a great feature for a little car like this, which I improved even more by replacing the standard front pads with TTE metallic/composite pads.
The next modification of note, was the installation of a K&N panel air filter, and the removal of the pre-air box piping, so there's just the hole on the side of the air box left.
This improved throttle response and induction noise :)
Since then there have been a few more smaller modifications, it's all listed in the specs below.

I have since (reluctantly) sold this car to make way for the AE92 GTi ...

4A-GE info
The 4A-GE engine is a 1.6 Litre (1587cc) Double Over Head Cam (DOHC) four cylinder.
One of the first cars to feature this engine was the AE86 Corolla Sprinter / Levin Trueno.
The AE86 Sprinter's featured this engine in carburettored form. The AE82 Corolla's 4AGE is EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection).



1986 Corolla Twin Cam (AE82)

4A-GE 1587cc DOHC 16-valve EFI four cylinder

Genie extractors
2.25 inch exhaust system, with 2.5 inch High flow cat converter
Straight through sports muffler, resonator
3 inch Stainless steel tip
K&N Filter
Removed pre-airbox piping
Polished cam covers
NGK Triple Platinum Spark Plugs

4A-GZE Levin AE101 GTZ 5 speed gearbox
LSD (Viscous coupling)
4A-GZE Levin AE101 GTZ light flywheel
Toyota Levin GTZ heavy duty Clutch

Factory Toyota Front discs
TTE Metallic/Carbon Front pads
Factory Toyota Rear discs
Monroe Shocks/springs
Factory Toyota front strut brace

Dark Window Tint
Late model grille

(Listed from most recent)
15 x 6 inch Avanti Mamba wheels, 195/50 Pirelli P5000 's
Custom 14 x 6 inch Magnesium wheels (MX5), 185/60 Yokohama A539 rubber
Factory 14 x 5.5 inch Mag wheels, 185/60 Bridgestone tyres

Leather "Twin Cam 16" Sports Steering wheel
Blue velour seats
TRD seat belt pads
Custom made rear parcel shelf

Kenwood KDC-2012 CD player /Tuner
Two 4" Sony XS-M4mk2 mid range 120W speakers
Two 6x9" Kicker Impulse speakers
Kicker amp
10" Alpine sub woofer

16.78 @ 86 mph - Kwinana Motorplex
(Yoko Road tyres, full interior, sub etc)

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(C) 2001 - 2003 Matt Green